Company Profile

For its global customer base, PEC offers solutions and expertise in:

Energy Storage Devices

  • Cell, Module and Battery Testing Equipment
  • Cell Manufacturing Equipment:
    – Inline cell testing
    – Cell Finishing
    (soaking, pre-charge, formation, degassing, ageing, grading, sorting…)

Cash Operations of Central Banks

  • Automated Vaults
  • Automated Cash Operations (receiving, pre and post processing)
  • Automated Retail Order Picking systems
  • End-to-End Cash Management Systems
Founded in 1984, PEC is now headquartered in Leuven, Belgium with R&D and project management groups in Belgium, Germany, Hungary, the United States, China and Japan.
Our company is staffed with highly educated experts in different technological domains:

  • Robotics
  • Power Electronics
  • Web Applications
  • Material Handling
  • Embedded Controls
  • IT Security
  • Automation
  • Software Development
    (.Net – Oracle)

This multidisciplinary skill matrix forms the core of PEC’s technological leadership, and creates substantial competitive advantages for our customers, in terms of quality, reliability and operational cost.


At PEC, we believe innovation means more than just developing products and solutions. We’re working with our clients to create new processes, to help them successfully step up volumes, quality and performance. Although we will continue our search for automating manufacturing, testing and logistics processes by exploring and inventing new technologies, we’re also creating an environment where our employees can bring innovation to bear on every aspect of their jobs. And we are setting our sights beyond the borders of our industries by exploring new ways of working with an ecosystem of technology suppliers, business partners, universities and institutes. This innovation sets us and our customers apart from competition. Exactly what you would expect from us!

PEC Corporation  –  Directors

Raf Goossens

CEO/Founder PEC companies

Chairman of the Board

Peter Ulrix

Vice President Sales and Marketing

Executive Board Member

Stef Leemans

Vice President Product & Proposal Management

Executive Board Member

Dr. Tech Mika Räsänen,Phd.

Non-Executive Board Member


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  1. 2020Due the very fast growth in the last 3 years, PEC is doubling its production capacity with 2 new plants in China and Hungary. These factories are required to support the growth of PEC’s customer base in Europe and Asia. Besides these new manufacturing locations, PEC is also opening a new service centre in the south of Germany.
  2. 2019PEC wins several new contracts in Automated Cell Finishing for large format automotive grade cells, including the UK’s Battery Industrialisation Centre (UK BIC).
  3. 2018PEC has been selected by 2 of Germany’s largest OEM’s to supply the technology for Cell Finishing, including soaking, formation, degassing, ageing and final testing.
  4. 2017PEC has been awarded with several consulting and engineering projects for central and commercial banks worldwide. PEC is assisting these banks with the automation of the cash cycle and the setup of automated high speed cash processing and logistics centres.
  5. 2016PEC announces its latest generation Cell Testing Equipment – the ACT0550. The ACT0550 is the system of choice for high precision high power cell testing.
  6. 2015PEC starts delivery of the first Cell Finishing Line to VARTA Micro Batteries, the global leader in small rechargeable Li-ION cells for Bluetooth headsets and wearable electronics. This successful partnership has since then been extended, with 2 mass production plants up and running on PEC Cell Finishing Lines.
  7. 2014Founding of PEC Germany in Berlin, Germany.
  8. 2011Founding of PEC Japan KK with sales and support office in Tokyo.
  9. 2009Founding of PEC China in Shanghai. Opening new manufacturing site in Shanghai, PRC (Q3) and Boca Raton, USA (Q3).
  10. 2008PEC realizes 50% growth and its best financial result ever.
  11. 2006PEC realized its first contract for a fully automated vault and logistics system with a major central bank. PEC starts delivery of its first completely automated formation, grading and ageing line for high power Hybrid Electric Vehicle batteries.
  12. 2005Start of sales and subcontracting in Asia, and opening Hong Kong office.
  13. 2004PEC decides to further concentrate its focus to its 2 key markets, Manufacturing, Testing and Logistics solutions for: Energy storage devices and Cash processing and security print works
  14. 2003First plant-wide MWare MES implementation at a leading battery manufacturer. Opening of a new subcontracted manufacturing facility in Balatonlelle, Hungary.
  15. 2002Founding of PEC North America in Boca Raton, Florida, supporting the substantial growth on the US market.
  16. 2000Start of sales and marketing in the USA for PEC battery test systems and MWare Manufacturing Execution Systems.
  17. 1998PEC implements its first test and formation systems for advanced rechargeable chemistries (Several customers) PEC was appointed as exclusive OEM – EMEA distributor for the IBM Plant Floor Automation Solutions.
  18. 1997Founding of PEC Central Europe in Budapest, Hungary.
  19. 1996Inauguration of PEC’s new headquarters building in Leuven, Belgium.
  20. 1995PEC delivers its first large scale (> 5000 channels) mosfet based test system for alkaline cells.
  21. 1994Start of PEC’s product development group, with a main focus to battery test systems, embedded controllers and MWare, PEC’s Manufacturing and Logistics Execution System.
  22. 1990PEC developed its first resistor based test system for primary cells.
  23. 1988PEC becomes a key IBM Business Partner for IBM’s Plant Floor Automation Architecture, including software, robots, industrial computers… and was IBM system integrator for several early pilot projects.
  24. 1986PEC commissions a complete automated line for the manufacturing and testing of ABS sensors with a tier 1 automotive supplier.
  25. 1984Raf Goossens and Luc Vereycken are founding Project Engineering and Contracting (PEC) in Leuven, Belgium. The company started as an engineering services company, realizing complex automation projects, including mechanics, robotics, electronics and software.


Researchpark Haasrode 1839, Technologielaan 12, B- 3001 Leuven
Telephone: +32(0)16/39.83.39,

PEC Germany Office
Senefelderstraße 15, 86368 Gersthofen, GERMANY

Tel: +49 821 80 830 830

Head Office
2385 NW Executive Center Drive Suite 100,
Boca Raton FL,33431, USA
Tel : +1 (561)-962-2824

Lyons Manufacturing Unit
4911 Lyons Technology Parkway #1
Coconut Creek, Florida 33073, USA
Tel : +1 (561)-962-2824

Shanghai Head Office
Room 706, No.3, Lane 187, Xinghong Rd,
MinHang District, Shanghai 201106, China
Tel: +86 (0) 21 6296 7230

上海闵行区兴虹路187弄3号706室协信广场T8, 邮编201106

Huzhou manufacturing unit
Room 101, building 3,
No 299 Zijing Road,
Wuxing District, Huzhou 313000,
Zhejiang Province, CHINA
Tel: +86 (0)57 2210 2950

浙江湖州市紫荆路299号3幢101室,邮编 313000

TOKYO Head Office
Level 9, Ariake Frontier Building Tower B, 3-7-26 Ariake,
Koto-ku, TOKYO 135-0063 JAPAN
〒135-0063 東京都江東区有明三丁目7番26号 有明フロンティアビルB棟9階
Tel: +81 3 5530 9326

HANEDA Service Center
Legend Loran floor 1 1-2-7, Haginaka,
Ota-ku, TOKYO 144 0047, JAPAN
〒144 0047 東京都大田区萩中1-2-7 レジェンドローラン1階

Head Office
Lánchíd u. 23. V/2 H-1013 BUDAPEST, HUNGARY
Tel: +36 1- 487-70-10

Tatabánya Manufacturing Unit
Táncsics Mihály út 2/C, 2800 TATABANYA, HUNGARY

368-04-15, Bellisa Row, Jalan Burma
10350 Pulau Pinang

Telephone: +60 43520401