COVID-19 – PEC Business Continuity

The Corona virus has an enormous impact on our daily lives.
Not only privately but also in business we daily face new unexpected challenges.

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Introducing the new SBT15060 Module Tester

The SBT is a 16-Channel Battery Tester, ideal for testing and evaluating (P)(H)EV as well as industrial battery modules and packs, up to 150 Volt.

The system supports current, voltage, power and resistive based loads, with a minimum pulsing width of 1 msec. The SBT system will give you ultra fast switching capabilities between charging and discharging modes, guaranteeing you the accuracy you need.

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The new CT0550 Cell Tester

The CT0550 is a 80-Channel Battery Tester, ideal for testing and evaluating cells. This test equipment is used for high volume testing such as repetitive cycling, incoming goods inspection and validation.

Preparing a test can be done off-line on an existing desktop PC, running our LifeTest™ application. The End User can configure the specific test by means of an Event Table. The PC communicates with the Battery Tester over Ethernet to load the test conditions and upload the measurement data.

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ACT0505: The new Desktop Cell Testing System

PEC announced its new ACT0505 desktop cell tester. PEC has a long tradition in accurate high power testing. PEC’s wide range of cell test and formation equipment serves the full product life cycle of EV and HEV large format cells, starting from the initial stages of R&D, over validation and mass production.

In a continuous effort to improve PEC’s product offering and reduce the cost for its customers, PEC is announcing its 5A Desktop Cell Tester, the ACT0505, completing the current range of cell testers.

A quick view at the specifications shows 10 channels per unit, 5A per channel, full parallel capability at a 1 msec sampling frequency.
The new ACT0505 desktop test system is configurable by the end user in different channel configurations: 10 x 5A, 5 x 10A, 2 x 25A, 1 x 50A or any combination required by the test regimes. Due to high-speed fiberoptics communication between the channels there is no loss in functionality while using parallel channels

A world premiere of PEC’s desktop cell test equipment

Batteries 2020 – Joint testing on PEC battery test equipment at VUB

The test standardisation procedures amongst Batteries2020 partners have been set. Ageing matrices from WP4 (RWTH-ISEA), WP5 (VUB) and WP6 (IK4-IKERLAN) were distributed and the test of about 250 identical cells will start in week 21.

Reference G1 cells are ready to be distributed to all involved partners and the results from initial standardisation and statistical analysis are expected to be ready in July 2014. First life accelerated ageing tests (WP4), electrical, thermal and electrochemical characterisation (WP5) and real EV profile tests (WP6) will start simultaneously in May 2014.

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NY Best Battery and Energy Storage Technology Test and Commercialization Center – Grand Opening

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today announced that the Battery and Energy Storage Technology (BEST) Test and Commercialization Center is open for business at Eastman Business Park in Rochester, New York. The new world-class, $23 million Center provides unique testing and validation services needed to bring new battery and energy storage technologies to the commercial market.

It was created through a partnership between the New York Battery and Energy Storage Technology Consortium (NY-BEST), a consortium of more than 130 industry, academic and government partners, and DNV GL (formerly DNV KEMA), a global company with extensive energy advisory, testing, inspection and certification expertise.

PEC supplied all test equipment for the facility as well as the LifeTest Laboratory Management Software. LifeTest schedules and controls the cell, module and pack testers, the climate chambers, the auxiliary IO…. The software also manages and consolidates the data coming from the different systems into the central LifeTest server.

Critical battery testing

Intertek offers international industry-leading, independent consulting and testing for batteries, fuel cells and supercapacitors. The company performs battery testing for manufacturers of energy storage devices ranging from electric vehicles to personal electronics and renewable energy.

Expert engineers provide a depth of experience in battery testing services that ensures energy storage technologies meet performance, reliability, and safety requirements for OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers, as well as cell and battery manufacturers, and aerospace/defense players.

PEC provides Intertek with multiple channels of testing equipment to charge and discharge batteries for testing. Intertek uses SBT 8050 cyclers from PEC to run overcharge and over discharge tests as well as client-specified battery lifecycle tests

A successful global partnership between two organizations has led to new benchmarks being made in battery validation equipment and techniques

PEC will implement the new Cash Management System at the Central Bank of Azerbaijan.

PEC announces that the Central Bank of Azerbaijan (CBA) has selected the PEC Cash Management System
(CMS) for its Cash Center operations in Baku, including a roll-out to all regional offices and the new automated Cash Center.

After completion of the new automated cash center, scheduled for 2015, the PEC CMS system will control all conventional and automated cash centers in the Republic of Azerbaijan. The PEC CMS system will be used for managing all cash operations, and will be offering a common portal for all CBA clients, operators, supervisors, management and stakeholders.

The long experience in Cash Center automation has turned the PEC CMS system into a market leading application, supporting a mix of current manual and future automated processes. The flexibility for adapting to local business processes and procedures simplifies the implementation and long-term support of the system.

PEC announced its new ACT0550 high power cell tester at Battery Japan.

PEC has a long tradition in accurate high power testing. PEC’s wide range of cell test and formation equipment serves the full product life cycle of EV and HEV large format cells, starting from the initial stages of R&D, over validation and mass production.

In a continuous effort to improve PEC’s product offering and reduce the cost for its customers, PEC is announcing its 4th Generation Cell Tester, the ACT0550, replacing the current SBT0550 24 channel model.

The Advanced Cell Tester (ACT) delivers this promise and sets the new bar in large format cell testing systems

A world premiere of PEC’s 4th generation high power cell test equipment

VUB opens Battery Innovation Centre

Het Battery Innovation Centre is een initiatief van de onderzoeksgroep MOBI (Mobility, Logistics and Automotive Technology Research Centre), die geleid wordt door Prof. Joeri Van Mierlo en Prof. Cathy Macharis.
Prof. Van Mierlo: “Het Battery Innovation Centre is hét expertisecentrum in de Benelux voor onderzoek en ontwikkeling van energieopslagsystemen voor tractie en stationaire toepassingen, onder andere elektrische auto’s, maar ook opslagsystemen voor zonne- en windenergie of voor netstabilisatie.”

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High Voltage Test Equipment

Large amounts of capital are being invested into developing durable, safe and cost-effective battery systems for applications in electromobility, renewable energy and smart grids as a supporting infrastructure.

This has created a huge demand for system- and pack-level testing at different stages of development and manufacturing.

Battery manufacturers need end-of-line testing as part of their QA process; research divisions are focusing on improving weight and space utilization, as well as lifecycle and thermal performance; independent testing facilities are working on new programs for standardization, certification and benchmarking; battery management system designers are looking at safety, state of charge and state of health models

PEC’s new series of system-level test equipment meets demands for system and pack-level testing at different stages of development and manufacturing

President Obama visits the Johnson-Controls Meadowbrook facility.

President Barack Obama’s tour of the new Johnson-Controls Meadowbrook advanced battery center in Holland, Mich. on Aug. 11, 2011, led to praise for the facility and Johnson Controls’ leadership in the advanced battery industry.

“This is one of the most advanced factories in the world. You’re helping America lead in a growing new industry. You’re showing us how we can come back from the worst recession that we’ve had in generations and start making things here in America that are sold all around the world.”

“Very cool”, he commented as Johnson Controls Employee Jon Parke demonstrated the PEC automated cell finishing line.

The new Meadowbrook facility will be the first in the United States to produce complete lithium-ion battery cells and systems for hybrid and electric vehicles, producing battery systems for U.S. based automakers, such as Ford’s Transit Connect.

PEC supplied the Johnson Controls Meadowbrook facility with the automated cell finishing line, used to form, age, grade and sort the cells.

Cell manufacturing safety

PEC delivers the key building blocks for the development and manufacturing of advanced energy and power cells.

This includes cell and battery test equipment, automated cell finishing lines, and in-line test equipment. For its cell finishing lines, PEC covers all technologies in-house, from right after electrolyte filling to assembly as well as aspects such as final testing of the battery pack.

A look at one leading supplier’s launch of a new and high-tech formation process that optimizes large format lithium cell manufacturing.