Cell Formation Towers





Primary Test Equipment

Cell Formation Towers

PEC offers solutions for all process steps after the electrolyte filling either in a fully automatic or manual system. This includes Formation, Degassing, Ageing, Grading (capacity definition), Sorting (based on quality), Pack Assembly and End of Line Testing. Our equipment is designed for small, middle and large scale battery manufacturers for all advanced energy storage applications: stationary, aerospace, defense and automotive (e.g. HEV, PHEV, EV…).

Our solution consists of building blocks: Formation & Grading towers, Degassing Stations, Input & Sorting Stations,… By placing additional formation towers or degassing stations in line, the capacity of the system can easily be increased which makes it very modular.

Material Handling

The cells or modules (Pouch, Cylindrical, Prismatic type) that enter the formation line are loaded on a customized pallet. Product and carrier are all uniquely identified with barcode/RFID tag. This pallet is transported from and to the different functional parts throughout the entire process with an Automated Store and Retrieval System (ASRS crane).

Formation & Grading Tower

A formation or grading tower consists out of 1 to 3 formation or grading stations, depending on the cell size and power requirements. A fire box (with heat shielding inside and exhaust/ventilation pipes) around each station will prevent possible incidents to propagate through the factory. Each station can handle 1 pallet with cells at a time. The formation or grading cycles are started after the station made automatic contact with the cells.