Automated Vault




Storage Units

Depending on the cash cycle and the required flexibility of the cash center, banknotes can be stored in containers, on pallets or in individual plastic or carton boxes. For each of these different storage units, PEC selects the best combination of storage equipment and material handling systems for storing the cash inside the cash center vault and moving the cash in between the different areas of the cash center.

For typical reserve stock of non-circulated banknotes, PEC‘s solution is based on palletized or containerized loads. The pallets or containers are typically holding between 100.000 to 500.000 banknotes, which increases efficiency in terms of material handling, storage capacity and density.

Circulated cash is typically handled in smaller unit loads, carrying 10 to 20 bundles, in either single or multi denomination depending on the processing capabilities of the cash center.
The unit loads are also used for the handling, processing, filling and distribution of ATM cassettes.

Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (ASRS)

The heart of the vault is the Automated Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS). The ASRS system consists of a modular storage racking system and an automated industrial crane, running on and guided by a fixed bottom and top rail.

To achieve a balance between system throughput and storage capacity a multi-deep storage has the best economical solution for a central bank cash center. The crane is using either a telescopic fork or a shuttle car for picking and dropping the cash packs from the racking system.

The ASRS will automatically store and retrieve the cash packs, prioritize and sequence the movements and guarantee a just-in-time delivery of the cash packs to processing, order preparation and payout.

Automated Material Handling and AGV’s

The transport between the vault and the different cash center areas is either done by AGV systems or conveyors. The AGV systems will transport full containers or pallets.
The conveyors are typically used for transporting individual cash boxes.

The combination of both automated storage and material handling systems is preventing human access to the vault during the cash center operating hours, and creates a detailed physical trail of all cash movements in the cash center. The management system controls every physical transaction on the cash and electronically enforces the bank security procedures.