Cash Center

Automated Receiving and Payout

The in and outbound deliveries to the cash center are handled in secure automated paying and receiving docks. These facilities are available to the CIT operators after proper screening of their trucks and paperwork. All deliveries and payouts are verified against the pre-announced values in the MWare Cash Management System, and, once approved, are automatically received or paid out by the automated material handling systems.

Automated Post-Processing

The main suppliers of high speed note processing equipment use single denomination bundles as an end product of their fitness sorting machines. In the automated cash center these bundles need further handling and packaging to support the downstream automated processes.

PEC delivers automated bundle label printers, bundle conveyors, bundle sorters, bundle-wrapping, boxing and sealing units… with integrated tracking and tracing functions. Systems are tailored to the size and the throughput of the operations and support several note sorters simultaneously.

Automated Pre-Processing

This step includes the unpacking of the banknotes, removing of shrink-wrap foils, elastic bands or other wrapping and non-wrapping materials, in preparation of the cash to be processed on the high speed note processing machines. This step is usually a manual step due to the non-standardized packaging of the banknotes and the variations in banknote fitness.


During this step the operator also adds the required header (and trailer) cards for the consolidation of the quantities received by the note sorters, and loads the banknotes in cassettes that are compatible with the feeding points of the note sorters.


The transport between the vault, the unpacking stations and the processing machines is completely automated.

Automated Payout Preparation

PEC offers the following automated payout preparation machines:

  • Automated order picking of standardized sealed packaging units (e.g. carton box with 10 bundles)
  • Automated ATM cassette filling
  • Automated Retail Order Preparation (ROP)

All machines are integrated with the MWare Cash Management System, in order to transfer the order and picking quantities electronically from the cash order to the automated payout preparation machines.