Cash Management System




Providing full control and traceability is the key strength of the MWare Cash Management System (CMS). In an environment, where large quantities of cash are handled by different people, the solidity of our system is guaranteed by:


  • The identification of cash units from the moment they enter into the facility
  • Real time location management of each cash unit
  • Real time updates of custodial inventory management at each transaction
  • Strict enforcement of the business process via the management system
  • Strict enforcement of user roles and access levels
  • Electronic data verification using bar codes, RFID tags, smart cards…
  • A system that integrates all cash center processes and links the available information for cross verification


The MWare Cash Management System is based on these concepts since its inception and therefore provides support for the entire life cycle of cash inside the Cash Center. The system traces in real time the custodian inventory history, the movement history of storage units, the activity log of individual users and so on. This way MWare forms the ideal solution for managing your cash center.


The MWare Cash Management System contains the following modules:

  • CMS Web Portal: Web based Customer Relationship Management system, connecting the commercial banks, CIT’s and the Central Bank’s branches on one common platform, controlling the complete life cycle of the cash orders, and interfacing to the core banking applications such as financial accounting and Real Time Gross Settlement.
  • CMS Cash Center Management System: The application that controls the cash operations inside the boundaries of the cash center, including the control and operation of the material handling systems and cash automation. The system covers all areas of the cash center, including receiving, storage, pre-processing, fitness sorting, post-processing, packaging, destruction, payout preparation and distribution.
  • CMS Data Warehouse: This module turns the collected real-time data into managerial information. The extensive reporting system allows management to make forecasting decisions based on historical inventories, seasonal variations, processing quantities, regional distributions….